How Did He Do That?

Steve Lipscomb, a founder of the World Poker Tour, has taken a dying sport and turned it into a national trend. Not long ago poker rooms at casinos where closing — no one was interested. Today casinos are working like mad to build poker rooms and set up clubs, and televised poker tournaments command millions of avid viewers. What is done using the game of poker is nothing short of superb…and it offers some very good lessons for marketers and entrepreneurs. His job is well worth noting for a couple of reasons. He had the chance to see this game might be an enormous hit (even though ratings for poker tournaments before he started WPT were dismal at best).

And, in the company its own implementation and action that counts more than anything . Lipscomb and his team have achieved a great deal of stuff directly, but here are four BIG marketing lessons that the WPT can teach to any business…Plus a couple of additional lessons worth noting. 1. It is all about the demonstration. This doesn’t just mean a new visual style for your company (although this could be in sequence ). More importantly it means presenting your products and services they are perceived as being MORE valuable than your competitors. It means stressing the features AND (more importantly) the benefits of your service or product. And, it could also mean improving the features and benefits you provide.

  1. Great Sources of Exposure. To create his tour Lipscomb approached a number of the big-name casinos — Foxwoods, the Situs Judi Online, Borgata, Commerce, and the Bicycle. These casinos gave him excellent exposure and the perfect locals to start his own tour. This also did was put his future competition at a disadvantage (anytime you create something as popular as WPT you WILL get copy cats and the WPT has a bunch). Due to his connection with the Bellagio and the likes — his opponents will need to find other places and other sources of exposure. His concept for going to casinos is a reminder that each and every business should seek to partner.