Guidance to play the roulette game

Roulette has many rules, if you are a beginner then you must know all the rules before you start playing, so that you can gain more profit than loss. You have to just spin the wheel in the roulette, there are chances to win or to lose, and playing is fun and relaxing.

Step by step process for playing Roulette:

Here are step-by-step guide for playing Roulette, the first and foremost thing is to select the chip value, you will be able to see the chips stacked at any table where the game is in progress, the chips represent the real money value, the chips come in four main nominals a 1, 5, 25, 100 and also Roulette 77. Second step is to place you bet, after selecting the chip value click the table to highlight your bets, when the bets is high lightened a window will appear and it will display the minimum and maximum limits for the bet. You can also place one or several bets, additional click and add the chip value. Third step is to spin the wheel, when the wheel is spins the ball stops in a particular number or color combination. The amount you have bet is deducted from the account, when the ball lands in a slot, the number on the slot is the winning number.

A player can stop the roulette wheel anytime while its spinning, this option is not available in the auto play. The fourth step is the payout, the roulette operates according to the strict mathematical rules and its unbiased, they have their own formulas that you can rely upon, when the ball lands in a slot, the winning number is announced and the winning bets are paid. If you wish to continue you can go back to step 2 and place a bet once again.